Fun Things To Do For Your 15th Birthday Party

Planning a Quinceañera is a matter that needs timing, dedication, and proper guidance. You should never go wrong when planning for this type of event because it has great implication to the girls’ passage to womanhood. Several things are usually involved in planning such an event but the most significant ones to have in mind include the following;


It is imperative that you discuss with your parents or guardian regarding the idea of Quinceañera. You certainly need their approval since, in many instances, they will be involved in some factors such as financing of the party. John from Anoush Catering recommends that “it is advisable that you start discussing the Quince relatively early; between 6-12 months in advance.” This shall allow you to get ample time to consider all the budgetary and social logistics.

Determine the budget

It is arguably the most fundamental aspect when planning a Quinceañera. Your budget will depend on the amount that your family or other sponsors are willing to chip in. If you have an unlimited budget to work with, you can choose to have a huge, festive Quince party. If you are working on a tight budget, you can decide to have a relatively simple party. It does not hurt anyway to have a simple Quince event.

Consider the date for the party

Many girls often choose their birthdays as the dates for such events. Apparently, it is important to celebrate it on your birthday. Conversely, it is equally important to consider the season when that day falls. Check if other holidays might conflict with your time, if people are available to attend, and whether your budget will meet the expenses should it fall during peak season.

Determine whether or not you will have a church ceremony

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having this event in a church before the actual party. Seeking divine intervention for graduating to womanhood is typical, though optional. But it would be ideal, if possible to have church leaders to preside over this function at your local church before going for the Quince party later in the day.

Choosing the location

When planning a Quinceañera, it is vital to ensure that you choose an ideal location for the event. There are several options such as renting a space, setting a park or deciding to host the party at home. All shall depend on the budget that you are work with.

Set when the party starts and ends

This will enable the guests to arrive and leave on time. It will also reduce possible inconveniences as far as the event is concerned.