How To Choose The Right Sunglasses For Any Occasion

Sunglasses are a great accessory and can accentuate any wardrobe piece. That is, of course, as long as you choose the right sunglasses for small faced men. If you have a smaller face, if the sunglasses are too wide or narrow, too short or tall, or otherwise don’t conform to your facial features, it’s going to distract from an otherwise great pair of sunglasses. So, what pair of sunglasses are the right fit for you, if you have a smaller face and facial features?

Avoid wide and tall

The right sunglasses for small faced men are going to be shorter and narrower. The reason for this is that if the sunglasses are too wide or too tall (or both), the frames are going to overwhelm your face. They’re going to distract from your facial features. And, they’re going to accentuate some of the facial features you’d prefer weren’t accentuated. So, make sure you know how tall and wide is “too tall/wide” based on the size of your face.

Consider round or oval

When picking your sunglasses, round and oval frames are a good fit for men with smaller faces. The reason this is the case is that it will help bring together your facial features. Instead of extending or expanding upon them, it will help concentrate them on the area where they are. So, your nose, eyes, cheeks, and ears, are going to appear proportionate to the rest of your face. All your features are going to blend and will work well under these frames.

Consider the color

Depending on your skin tone and your hair, the color of the frames and lenses of your sunglasses should blend in well with the rest of your facial features. Darker colors go well with most skin tones and hair colors. If you prefer a lighter frame or lighter-colored lens, make sure you try out a few pairs of sunglasses, to make sure they are going to look good, and don’t look too over the top when worn with the rest of your outfit.

There’s no single product that’s going to work well for all men with smaller faces. However, when you’re ready to choose your new sunglasses for small faced men, these are a few design elements to look for when picking them. Not only to find the right fit but to ensure you’re going to feel comfortable and confident wearing your new frames as well.