How Long Does Plastic Surgery Take To Heal

Cosmetic procedures offer people the opportunity to improve their appearance, self-image, and overall lifestyle. But the decision to undergo plastic surgery should not be taken lightly. People have the best results when they make fully informed decisions and understand all phases of the process. This includes recovery from the procedure.

Planning for recovery should begin well before your surgery day. During your consultation, your surgeon will discuss various elements of the procedure with you, such as your medical history, the procedure itself, expectations and risks, as well as the recovery time. It is important to find a plastic surgeon with whom you feel comfortable. Make sure you have all your questions answered. Be open and honest about your medical history, any medications you take, and all of your hopes and concerns.

You should then take steps to assure you are ready for your recovery. This usually means arranging for someone to help take care of you, allowing sufficient time off from work, and changing your lifestyle a bit so you can avoid physical stress and exertion. You should be aware of any medicines your doctor will want you to take during your recovery.

Most cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures are done on an outpatient basis. This means that you will be able to go home the day of surgery. “Generally, you will be in surgery for a few hours and then go to the recovery room for another two hours or so while the nurse monitors your initial recovery and assures your safety,”said Rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Davis Nguyen. Many people choose to go home after surgery, while others choose to stay at a skilled nursing facility for a night or two to have the additional help. This will depend on your preferences, your overall health, and the actual Beverly Hills plastic surgery procedures you will be having done. You surgeon will help you decide what is best for you. Again, these discussions, decisions, and plans should be done well in advance of the procedure day.

Recovery from more extensive procedures or from many procedures performed at once like breast augmentation, liposuction and nose surgery last longer, usually lasts several weeks.  In these cases many people opt to undergo recovery in the form of a mini getaway were they stay at a rental or a villa were they have catering services at their disposal like the ones at Only Provence. This is a great option as you are advised to do only light activities and a stress free environment speeds your recovery. You should not stay in bed all the time, but you should not overdo it with activities.

People who travel for their procedures are a special case. A good deal of planning should be done in advance to assure that arrangements are made for a long enough stay in town following the surgery day. Your surgeon will want to see you at least once or maybe more depending on what was done.

It is important to realize that you usually will not see all of your results for a few weeks or even months following your procedure. Do not get frustrated! Your body needs time to adjust to its new shape and you will see the changes you hope for with time. With a good attitude and proper planning, your recovery should go very smoothly. Plastic surgery recovery: villas and self-catering is highly re-known for plastic surgery recovery. They have massive experience and their services are prolific and respectable. Why not give them a try?