The Benefits of an Environmentally Friendly College Campus

Everyone could benefit from being in an environment that is full of reminders to be more ecologically conscious. In addition to helping the planet, going green comes with some great perks.

If you’re trying to decide which college you should attend, choosing an environmentally sustainable campus has a variety of unique advantages. Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting your degree from an eco-friendly school. 

1. Eat Better Food

Environmentally friendly produce isn’t just better for the environment. It’s healthier for our bodies, and it tastes much better than mass-produced fruits and vegetables

That’s also the case for many other food types, such as bread, meat, and even ice cream. Sustainable producers prioritize quality over quantity, and they place a higher value on what they use to grow their crops. 

Environmentally friendly vendors also tend to source their ingredients locally, reducing the amount of time the food spends in transit. This means that what you’re eating is fresher, and it used less fuel and resources while it was en route from the farm to your table. 

2. Enjoy Aesthetically Pleasing, Modern Living Spaces

Eco-friendly residence halls are more likely to provide natural light and open-air layouts, which can completely change the atmosphere of your dorm building. 

For students who plan to live on campus, this might be a major selling point. Eco-friendly residence halls are typically newer structures, or ones that have been recently renovated. They might include additional benefits, such as double-pane windows or less fluorescent lighting. 

These small changes can make your space feel more inviting and visually appealing. 

3. Gain Access to User-Friendly Transportation

Green campuses are often easier to navigate, either by foot or low-emission public transportation. 

Universities and colleges that place a higher value on their environmental impact tend to provide more creative ways for students to get to and from classes. Some amenities include more widely accessible bicycle racks, skateboard lock boxes, or on-campus trams

Rather than purchasing a parking pass, you can save money by choosing a college that you can easily navigate without relying on a car. 

However, many larger, eco-friendly schools provide charging stations to accommodate energy-efficient cars. In this case, if you must drive, you can at least use your eco-friendly vehicle. 

4. Learn How to Improve Your Own Habits

Colleges that place a high value on sustainability typically offer a wide range of events, services, and initiatives that will help you maintain a conscious lifestyle. 

Green campuses are more likely to provide recycling stations and compost bins. Understanding how to separate your recyclable products will help you to develop your own awareness, while encouraging you to reduce waste. Eventually, you’ll know exactly how to recycle these materials automatically. 

Conscious colleges also offer a variety of organized events, such as clean-up days and animal conservation efforts. This makes it easy to find a cause that you believe in, and you’ll be motivated to stay involved. Volunteering is an impactful activity that you can take with you even after graduation. 

Choosing to attend an eco-friendly college campus can help you reduce your environmental impact during your studies, and for the rest of your life. You can enjoy these added benefits while simultaneously helping the environment.