The State of Californian Property Law

The past few years have changed the ways in which we live and work. Our homes, already our castles, have also increasingly become work places, study places, and safe havens from a world often in flux. Meanwhile, commercial properties, or our places of business outside of the home, have also been affected. Real Estate Law is an evolving set of statues and regulations that aims to accommodate such changes and provide us with a framework to protect our rights and service our responsibilities. There are a multitude of reasons why you may require the services of a real estate attorney in the state of California. Here’s some of the key ones.

Buyer Beware

A real estate attorney represents owners, developers, brokers, agents, landlords, tenants, title companies, or contractors, in a range of areas concerning residential, commercial, and industrial properties. If you are the buyer, seller, or lender of a property, then you will most likely require representation by a real estate lawyer. A Real Estate law practice assists buyers and sellers with the drafting of purchase and sale contracts, oversees due diligence, assists with financing disputes, handles easements, lease and subletting negotiations, tenancy conflicts, and much more. They consult on acquisitions, help close the deal, and handle any matters related to borrowing technicalities.

The State of Selling

Property agents and real estate professionals, as well as individual owners of property, will require a real estate attorney to avoid or resolve any potential conflicts that may arise. Some examples include fraud or misrepresentation claims that can occur if the seller fails to disclose defects related to the property. A real estate lawyer can be both prosecution and defense. They can act on behalf of the buyer in drafting a non-disclosure agreement to reveal any defects or litigate to defend any fraud claims. They can almost aid the seller in avoiding or asserting claims of misrepresentations.

There are a great number of other reasons why you may need to enlist the services of a real estate lawyer. Contacting a reputable and experienced firm to discuss how they may best represent you is the first step. If you are living or operating in Southern California, Stone & Sallus is a full-service law firm that represents clients in the area. The practice focuses on Real Estate and Business Law and its attorneys have extensive combined experience representing clients across the buying, selling, and leasing spectrum.