What Are The Different Kinds Of CBD Products

As CBD products become more popular, companies like Vitagenne are starting to differentiate their products to address specific issues and potential customers.

The breakdown includes salves, lotions, creams and oils, and it’s important to know a little about how these products are prepared and what their advantages are.

Let’s start with salves, which date back centuries when it comes to their use. They’ve been employed as disinfectants, to prevent infection, to ease pain and to address skin conditions, bacterial disease and pain and inflammation.

The main use of salves in CBD products is to avoid the psychoactive reactions that can result in other delivery formats. These products help lower the amount of THC to well below the legal limit, so they’re an important element when it comes to effective CBD products. Salves can easily be applied to small, localized areas, so that’s their primary advantage when it comes to delivery.

In lotions and creams, a small amount of water and moisturizing agents are used to help with application. This affects their consistency, but the effect is based far more on the quantity and quality of CBD rather than the way the product is manufactured and prepared.

As for oils, a small amount of oil base is used to help convey the CBD. To date coconut oil has been the primary choice for delivery, but new methods are constantly being refined and updated.

As a general rule, the more fatty acids a given oil has, the more CBD oil it will be able to deliver. Before preparation, the cannabis plant is ground into fine bits, then steeped for several hours at a temperature of at least 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The oil can also be blended with other fundamental oils, with vitamin E being a common choice.

If you have any doubt about the oil blend, it’s a good idea to contact the manufacturer, as most good CBD companies like Vitagenne are dedicated to providing transparency with regard to the manufacturing process.

When CBD is applied at the skin level, it never actually reaches the circulatory system. While this might seem like a potential issue, the skin is amazingly effective when it comes to absorbing and distributing creams, oils and salves.

The most important choice pertaining to the delivery system, though, is the company itself. Companies like Vitagenne are dedicated to providing a quality product at a fair price, and it’s fairly easy to look into the preparation process and figure out which delivery system will give you the best outcome.